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Meet the New HomeFiSM

It's still HomeFiSM, but now at unthinkable speeds up to 2 Gig and a whole lot more thanks to eero Pro 6E.


Meet the New HomeFiSM

A whole lot has changed. This is WiFi you can't do without.

Faster than a Gig

The eero Pro 6E powering HomeFi allows you to harness top speed anywhere in your home. It's wireless freedom with nothing to slow you down.

Your favorite new band

With access to the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and newly added 6GHz band, congested networks essentially disappear, lowering latency for every connected device—even if it's not WiFi 6E enabled.

Future-forward support

Designed to support WiFi standards and default settings in the latest phones, tablets, and similar devices, eero Pro 6E ensures compatibility is never in question.

It's all in the TrueMesh

TrueMesh WiFi is an extensible system that replaces a traditional router set up. An eero Pro 6E unit serves as the router connected to your modem, while additional access points are placed throughout the home to help WiFi coverage reach every room.

Unlike extenders, you won’t have to manually change your network to get the best coverage. Mesh-WiFi spreads one network throughout your house and automatically calculates the fastest path to the internet from your devices.

Smart and good looking

eero Pro 6E's sleek design is only matched by its intelligence.


eero Pro 6E units

An eero Pro 6E unit serves as a traditional router replacement and connects directly with your modem. It has 2 Ethernet ports and broadcasts on three wireless radio bands simultaneously. Additional units are placed throughout your home, covering it in a blanket of fast, stable WiFi coverage.


eero Secure

eero Secure is enhanced security that protects your growing digital life, keeping your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats with world-class security. Find out more here.



The software powering eero was built sourcing data from hundreds of thousands of homes to ensure no layout can prevent the system from getting WiFi everywhere it needs to be. And with Ultimate Mesh feature, your WiFi signal can travel down hallways, go upstairs, or get around walls.


Dynamic Rerouting

TrueMesh software consistently understands the signal strength between each eero in your home and picks the fastest path from your device to the internet. The result is a consistent signal, no matter where you are. TrueMesh reroutes traffic automatically and you won’t notice a thing.

The eero app

Every aspect of network management right at your fingertips.

  • Network Status

    Check network speed, connected devices, and eero statuses.

    eero app network status screen
  • See Device Usage

    See data usage for connected devices from anywhere.

    eero app device usage screen
  • Diagnose and Fix

    Health checks unearth issues and provide helpful suggestions on how to make your network the best it can be.

    eero app diagnose and fix screen
  • Complete Control

    Create profiles and set schedules for all your kids. You can also give access to any guests by setting up a separate network.

    eero app screen showing profiles
eero app network status screen
eero app device usage screen
eero app diagnose and fix screen
eero app screen showing profiles

Level up with eero Pro 6E

HomeFi really is better than ever, see the difference for yourself.

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Stay safe and up to date

Regular routers usually require you to stay on top of security patches and updates which seems pretty unnecessary to us.

Auto Updates

Automatic Updates

eero software updates automatically so you’ll have the latest security and features. Without having to think about it.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

eero Secure is always working to keep your personal data safe and your network protected. And we'll make sure it's always updated.

Connection Safety

Connection Safety

TLS (Transport Layer Security) and WPA2 encryption creates a secure connection between your eeros, connected devices, and the cloud.

Network Privacy

Network Privacy

Top notch security protocols means your network and data are secure.

Alexa and eero

Amazon echo devices and eero Pro 6E work great together. Head on over to support to see the skills you can start utilizing.

Learn how to connect Alexa

Transform any home into a powerhouse

See how the tandem of Blue Ridge internet and eero Pro 6E lets you go farther and faster with more devices.

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