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The Future is here

Blue Ridge Fiber is our next-generation internet service. It’s 100% fiber-optic. The upload and download speeds are symmetrical and downtime is basically going to be a thing of the past. No matter how your life evolves, this is the internet for it.

Internet for new possibilities

Blue Ridge Fiber is the next evolution of internet service. It's faster, more reliable, and works better with WiFi.

Symmetrical Speeds Icon

Symmetrical speeds

Whether you're streaming on Twitch or need to upload a whole bunch of high-quality photos, we've arrived at a time where upload speed matters as much as download speed. Blue Ridge Fiber is an internet service to match those needs.

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It's even faster

Not only have upload and download speeds become equals, but overall, everything is faster and the latency is lower. With a 100% fiber-optic network running straight to your home, we've only begun to scratch the surface of the speed that's possible. Right out of the gate, we'll be offering speeds faster than a Gig.

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Unlimited data for all

You need the internet for a lot of stuff, and you often need to do a lot at the same time. That's why all Blue Ridge Fiber speed tiers come with unlimited data so you can get everything done, fast.

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Increased reliability

We've always been proud of our network reliability and like to shout it from the rooftops. With Blue Ridge Fiber, that story continues. Reliability is designed into the very fabric of the system itself. There are fewer failure points, less interference, and a better delivery mechanism so outages and speed degradation are going to be significantly reduced.

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Built for the future

There is no existing technology that can beat the actual or theoretical capability of fiber. Parts of our network have had fiber in them for years and we're experts in getting the most out of it.

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Free installation

As we complete our build in each service area, both current and new customers won't have to worry about a thing. Our skilled technicians will install Blue Ridge Fiber at no charge. Just connect and enjoy.

The Blue Ridge Advantage

As a Blue Ridge customer, there are a few important things we want you to know — all of them born from the idea that great service should be a natural part of working with us, not something out of the ordinary. Here’s a few of the things you can always expect.


24/7 tech support

You can't always predict when something is going to come up, so we're here for you all day and all night.


Local customer service

Everyone who supports you not only cares deeply about the quality that gets delivered, but also about the communities you live in because they live there too.


Free service calls

We strive for perfection because we’re motivated to provide the best service we can. But sometimes it gets interrupted, equipment stops working, or you just need some help. We’ll send someone out, on us, so you can get back up and running as soon as possible.


2-hour appointment windows

You don’t have all day and we get it. Two-hour appointment windows can fit into everything else you’ve got going on and we’ll make sure it stays that way. Sometimes we even come a little early, but only if that’s okay with you.


A transparent bill

We like bills with no surprises and we're sure you do too. We don't have a lot of additional fees, but the ones we have will be spelled out clearly. 


Money back guarantee

We believe in the quality of our service and our commitment to the community deeply. If at any point in your first month of being our customer you’re not happy with our service and wish to disconnect, we’ll refund your money, guaranteed.

The future is fast

With Blue Ridge Fiber, the upload speed is equal to the download, and they’re both faster. The WiFi will be faster, and the latency is lower. We're already testing 10 Gig upload and download speeds. Simply put, it’s already fast, and it’s going to keep getting faster.

Blue Ridge Fiber

It's internet service for now and for whatever comes. Get in touch to see when we're coming to your area.

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