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How Good Is Blue Ridge High-Speed Internet?

Blue Ridge
August 10, 2023

How Good Is Blue Ridge High-Speed Internet?

From its humble beginnings as a means of transporting military communications to becoming the ultimate platform for national news, social networking, blogging, e-commerce, and everything in between, the internet keeps the modern world running.

At Blue Ridge, we work to bring you high-speed internet that makes your day-to-day life a little bit easier. We’re on top of cutting-edge fiber optic technology, continually investing in our network infrastructure and improving customer service to bring you the best experience possible.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Fiber Connection

Fiber means fast. We're talking about the speed of light here. The internet is brought to you through a series of data signals sourced by your internet provider. These data signals travel to your modem through a coax cable, and it is this coax cable that makes all the difference when it comes to your daily internet speeds and bandwidth. Traditional phone companies provided DSL copper phone lines that transmitted data using a trickle of electricity, which meant slower speeds and a less reliable connection. Fiber, on the other hand, transmits data through a fiber optic line of ultra-thin glass strands that convey light instead of electricity.

At Blue Ridge, we currently use a hybrid of optic fiber and a coaxial cable connection that allows us to give you a high-speed internet experience without driving costs higher. This hybrid connection means more reliability, weather resistance, and greater speeds than a DSL connection. Enjoy streaming 4k movies or playing high-definition video games with reduced lag or buffering.

The Future Is Fiber

We are committed to looking to the future and growing with our customer's needs. That is why we are currently upgrading our systems to the most advanced fiber technology. The rebuild is already in progress. We will be offering a pure fiber optic (PON) connection directly to the home, allowing us to deliver symmetrical speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, fast enough to download a two-hour HD movie in less than a minute.

Beyond The Tech

As excited as we are about our developments in fiber, we remain focused on the other side of what makes Blue Ridge high-speed internet so good… Customer Service! Our experienced team lets us focus on our commitment and direct connection to you, our customer. At Blue Ridge, we strive to create long-lasting relationships propelled by honest and informative communication. We are proud of our highly skilled, local Customer Service team, known for its professionalism, kindness, and personality, answering your questions and getting you the internet you need.

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