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Get ready for faster fun with DOCSIS® 3.1 tech
The best internet connections deserve the best equipment, so we’ve adopted DOCSIS® 3.1 modems capable of delivering data speeds up to ten times faster than DOCSIS® 3.0 gear. Our new modems use your existing cable wire to offer gigabit speeds comparable to fiber connections without expensive and disruptive fiber installation. Plus, the advanced energy management features in DOCSIS® 3.1 equipment makes it much more energy efficient than 3.0 modems.

Get whole-home coverage with HomeFi

Expand your reach
Had enough of WiFi dead spots? Wrap your entire home in HomeFi coverage by linking discreet eero units to an eero Pro 6E, the high-tech heart of Blue Ridge’s HomeFi. You can easily create a single mesh network that follows you into every corner of your home or business by adding eero units according to the size and layout of your property.

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Got gear?

Blue Ridge provides everything you need to get a fast, reliable home network up and running for an affordable monthly rental fee. If you already own a modem and router that will work with our system, we’ll be happy to help get you connected.

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This is where we share our thoughts on pretty much everything going on in technology and how it affects you.

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Getting the Most Out of 2 Gig Internet

Welcome to 2 Gig Internet with Blue Ridge; get the most out of your new high speed!

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