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Everything you love, in one place.

TiVo® brings live, streaming, recordings, and On Demand into a single experience.

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Unified and organized.

Access live TV, streaming apps, that pile of recordings, and Blue Ridge On-Demand — all in the same place. It doesn’t matter where shows or movies are, TiVo’s search and recommendations assemble results from everywhere you watch.

So, sit back, relax, and just watch.


All in one

Everything in one place makes browsing painless.


Use your voice

Conversational voice control adds a whole new level of intuition.


Meaningful recommendations

Your interests and preferences drive suggestions.

Talk to your remote.
It’s a great listener.

Powered by cool stuff like natural-language tech and machine learning, TiVo’s voice remote helps you quickly find what you’re looking for through conversational voice commands.

What’s on tonight at 8:00?
Watch the Philadelphia Eagles game.
Cartoon Network.
Set up a OnePass™ for ‘Dancing with the Stars.’
Show me romantic comedies on Netflix.
Luke, I am your father.


The natural-language technology and machine learning make sure your words are recognized.

See it in action


No need for awkward, oddly structured commands. Most of the time just ask a question like you normally would, and TiVo will return what you’re looking for.

Learn more about voice control

Do less.

We’re happy to say the time-wasting activity of jumping around Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and other streaming apps is officially retired. Between everything being centralized and TiVo’s personalized recommendations, you’ve got one spot for it all.

  • Universal search

    Whether you use your voice or are browsing the new user interface, TiVo pulls results in from live TV, streaming apps, your recordings, and Blue Ridge On-Demand.

  • Recommendations

    TiVo’s recommendations also span live TV, recorded, on-demand, and streaming. Recommendations and search results are always weighted by your preferences and behaviors, so the bulk of your night isn’t made up of figuring out what to watch.

  • SmartBar®

    Earns its name by understanding your viewing habits based on time of day. Watch the same recording every Tuesday night? It’ll be front and center in SmartBar when you fire up the TV.

Take Blue Ridge anywhere.

We call it Blue Ridge Go and it’s your TiVo on the go. Stream remotely or dive into recordings from wherever you are.

All your rooms.

The TiVo experience doesn’t need to be contained. Your everyday devices and TiVo minis extend the experience to anywhere you want.

TiVo Minis

They may be small but come packed with the full-sized experience. Minis are 4k compatible and allow you to bring everything great about the TiVo experience to all your rooms.

Any device

Phone, tablet, laptop — all are perfect for using TiVo inside your home and out.

Get started with TiVo.

TiVo likes to say it makes TV better. We agree. Check out our TiVo bundles and unify your experience.

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