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Premium Channels

Premium channels ready
for a big night in.

Enjoy the latest blockbusters and classic movies, award-winning original series, and high-octane sports without leaving the house. Watch live or control the action on your schedule with Blue Ridge On-Demand.

Every premium package also includes free streaming apps for top-notch entertainment on the go.


EPIX is loaded with entertainment to watch at home or on-the-go with the app. With such a robust collection of originals, movies, and specials available, EPIX is your one-stop-shop for entertainment and is included with HD+ service or a la carte.

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4 channels

EPIX® streaming app
On Demand

$5.95 per month

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HBO and Cinemax

With the record-shattering worldwide sensation, Game of Thrones, the killer comedy of Barry, the chillingly real drama of Chernobyl, and family-friendly fare like Sesame Street, HBO continues to craft essential television in every genre while still bringing the best of Hollywood home.

Cinemax’s hard-hitting series and monthly movie offerings round out this package that features something amazing for everyone.

15 channels

HBO GO and MAX GO streaming apps
On Demand

$29.95 per month

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Showtime and The Movie Channel

In addition to the impressive lineup of first-run theatrical and independent films available between Showtime and The Movie Channel, this package packs a powerful punch thanks to Showtime’s dedication to boxing and mixed martial arts. Plus, standout Showtimes series like Shameless and Ray Donovan can go toe-to-toe with the best of ‘em.

12 channels

Showtime Anytime streaming app
On Demand

$16.95 per month

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Starz and Starz Encore

Between the gritty realism of Power, the surreal dreamscapes of American Gods, and the consistent quality of the rest of the Starz original series, the network continues to break new ground. Starz also delivers the biggest stars in the world through a vast selection of movies and themed channels including Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz Kids and Family, and Starz in Black to offer programming for every taste and mood.

13 channels

Starz streaming app
On Demand

$16.95 per month

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