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Blue Ridge Stream Equipment

A necessity we hope looks alright on your shelf. Blue Ridge Stream equipment is unintrusive and pretty small, so we think we have you covered.

Enter the streaming universe

With Blue Ridge Stream hardware, you’ll have everything you need to explore a universe of content through your WiFi. With Blue Ridge, TiVo®, and Android TV™ coming together, discovering new things to watch and accessing your old favorites has never been more exciting.

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Blue Ridge Stream

A TiVo® fueled tour guide built on Google’s Android TV™ platform. Access thousands of streaming apps, smart recommendations, and excellent voice control. It’s a whole universe of content, but you’ll never get lost.

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The voice remote

If you have Blue Ridge Stream+ Live TV you’ll get the bigger remote. If you’re using Blue Ridge Stream without Live TV, you’ll get the smaller one. Both utilize Google Assistant™ so you can seamlessly explore the content universe with your voice.

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Put this hardware in play

If you’re ready to see what this technology can do live and in person, check out our latest offers including TV.

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