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Why Your TV Rate Increased – Keeping You Informed

Blue Ridge
February 21, 2023

2023 TV Rate Increase and Why

This April, cable TV rates will be increasing. As your service provider, we feel it is important you know why. At Blue Ridge, we simply provide you with your cable TV service, but have little control over the increasing cost of the programming.

Most TV channels (broadcasters and “cable” channels) are owned by five major corporations. In order to carry their most popular channels, they often require us to take all of their channels. Acting as the middle-man, we provide you with these channels by paying a fee per channel, per customer.

Unfortunately, programmers continue to raise their price and in turn we will be adjusting our prices due to programmers increasing the fees for their channels.

Keeping You Informed

The TV and internet landscape has changed drastically over the years and new online TV streaming services such as ABC-Disney+/EPSN, NBC-Peacock, CBS-Paramount+,  Netflix, and others have caused a significant amount of cable TV disconnects.

Even as customers turn to streaming, TV programmers continue to increase the fees required for us to carry their channels and if you use any of these streaming services, you may also notice increases in your monthly subscriptions as programmers try to make up for the losses they are experiencing from cable TV disconnects.

Our Customers Are Our Purpose

At Blue Ridge, we pride ourselves in reducing operating expenses wherever we can to minimize the rate impact on our customers. And unlike other cable TV service providers, we do not have hidden fees such as Sports, Broadcast, HD, Network, or Entertainment Fees. Our prices are transparent and clear.

One way we are trying to ease the burden of these increases and the transition to streaming is by offering
Blue Ridge Stream (without live TV) bundled with our Blue Ridge High Speed Internet. It’s the perfect way to access all your streaming services and enjoy a unified viewing experience powered by TiVo and Android TV. It also now includes our exclusive local channels Blue Ridge 13 and Blue Ridge 11, plus hundreds of other free channels through Pluto TV and TiVo+, ultimately giving you more choices. Our live traditional cable TV service is optional and can be added to Blue Ridge Stream to provide the ultimate viewing experience.

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