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High Definition Television

Looking for the clearest, sharpest picture available? We’ve got all the HD content you need to make your HDTV’s pixels pop with perfection like never before.

Get HD+

Here’s what you get:


Enjoy more than 100 HD channels included at no additional charge with your TV subscription.

Looking for 4K?
We have that too! Simply upgrade (or swap your current HD box) to TiVo® and gain access to apps that support 4K video, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.  (Subscription to apps may be required.)

Learn more about 4K


For even more stunning high definition channels, upgrade to HD+ for just $14.95 per month. You’ll get 19 additional HD channels including NFL Red Zone, MLB Strike Zone, MotorTrend, EPIX, and other great channels.

The name says it all.

Aptly named and included with HD+ service or available a la carte, this channel is packed with epic entertainment. Watch acclaimed original series, specials, and Hollywood hits from the comfort of your couch or on-the-go with the EPIX app.

Outstanding Originals

A premium channel is measured by the quality of its originals, and EPIX stands tall with its diverse library of unique and engaging content. Expand your entertainment options with some of the best in the biz.

Sci-Fi Fan?

Witness humanity’s greatest struggle in War of the Worlds.

Drama Fan?

Get serious with Godfather of Harlem, Pennyworth, Deep State, and more.

Need a laugh?

Emerging stand-up comedians have Unprotected Sets. Former POTUS Graves tries to salvage his place in history.

  • Stunning specials

    Whether you prefer thoughtful multi-part docuseries like PUNK and America Divided or deep standalone explorations like AliveThe Panama Papers, and This Is Home: A Refugee Story, EPIX continues to invest in bold content crafted for discerning viewers like you. You’ll also find hilarious comedy specials from some of the biggest names in stand-up.

  • Marquee movies

    Start popping some corn, because fans of Hollywood’s finest flix and indie-movie lovers alike will want plenty of snacks ready. With a huge library of movies from every genre and time period, EPIX makes it easy for your family to make every night Movie Night without leaving the house.

Get EPIX at no extra
charge with HD+

When you upgrade your digital HD subscription to HD+, you’ll enjoy everything that EPIX has to offer at no additional charge. Not ready for an HD+ package yet? Add EPIX to your digital TV package for just $5.95/month.