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We like to write about exciting things on our blog. Here's the latest.

Getting the Most Out of 2 Gig Internet

Welcome to 2 Gig Internet with Blue Ridge; get the most out of your new high speed!

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Fiber vs Cable Internet | Blue Ridge

As technology advances so does the internet. Discover what to expect from Blue Ridge, and the difference between Fiber and Cable.

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HomeFi with eero Secure – Internet Security Made Simple

HomeFi now includes all new eero Secure features that offer even more protections as you work, learn, and play from home. Start protecting your family's personal information, devices, and home network today!

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5 Tips to Protect Yourself When Online Shopping

Shopping online is as safe today as it's ever been, but the steps you take to protect yourself make all the difference. Follow these 5 tips to learn how to protect yourself when shopping online!

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How Solid WiFi Could Improve Your Business’s Bottom Line

Explore the impact of reliable WiFi on business success. Elevate customer experience, empower employees and enhance customer service for a stronger bottom line.

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What Is Fiber Optic Internet (And Do You Need It)?

Discover the future of connectivity with fiber optic internet. Explore lightning-fast speeds, symmetrical uploads & downloads, and unmatched reliability today!

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5 Essential Tips for Internet Security from Blue Ridge

In a world dependent on digital platforms, safeguarding data and privacy is crucial. Discover five vital internet security strategies to stay safe online today!

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Back-to-School with Blue Ridge

More than an internet connection; learn more about how Blue Ridge can support you and your student as they go back to school.

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How Good Is Blue Ridge High-Speed Internet?

Blue Ridge currently offers a Hybrid Fiber Connection (HFC) with up to 2 gig speeds, supported by local and professional customer service. Get connected!

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