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Ready for TiVo® magic? Here’s your wand.

TiVo’s most advanced remote adds intuitive control to your TV’s bag of tricks.

See how it works

Speak your mind, and TiVo listens.

Speak naturally to control the action.

Your wish is TiVo’s command. Just hold the voice button, tell TiVo what you want, and prepare to be dazzled. You can even try searching by famous lines from your favorite movies and TV shows. TiVo will show you content available from live TV, your DVR recordings, Blue Ridge On-Demand, and streaming services.

What’s on tonight at 8:00?
Watch the Philadelphia Eagles game.
Cartoon Network.
Set up a OnePass™ for ‘Dancing with the Stars.’
Show me romantic comedies on Netflix.
Luke, I am your father.

TiVo listens and works on your schedule, not the other way around.

It’s like time travel for TV.

Play, pause, skip, rewind… But let your voice do the work.

In a hurry?

Watch up to 30% faster in QuickMode.

Doorbell ringing?

Pause the action.

Dog barking?

Rewind to hear missed dialogue.

Innovation in your hand.

Quit juggling remotes.

Control multiple devices with your TiVo remote. After a quick setup, you can control the power, input, volume, and mute functions on popular TVs and audio receivers. One remote = zero headaches.

Remote Finder? More like game-changer.

You’ll never have to waste time searching for a lost remote again. Simply press the Remote Finder button on your TiVo base and track down your beeping remote. Pro tip: it probably slid between the cushions.

TiVo loves streaming

Binge Netflix favorites with a single button press.

Love Netflix but hate fiddling with different inputs and devices to watch your favorite content? With TiVo, you can access your Netflix account instantly without changing remotes.

Stream the day away.

Easy voice searches will show you streaming content available from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Your TiVo remote makes it simple to access the best streaming content available without leaving your couch.

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