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ProFiSM has your business covered

ProFiSM uses eero Pro 6E's to cover every inch of your business so you never have to worry about bad WiFi again.

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What is ProFiSM?

ProFiSM means every nook, every cranny is covered. It means your customers, and your employees always have WiFi when and where you need it. It's Blue Ridge internet working in tandem with eero Pro 6E, a best in class mesh WiFi system. Dead spots can be a thing of the past and your network can be protected with top notch security. Upgrade to ProFi, you'll thank us later.

ProFiSM is great for:


Large spaces

Whether it's a sprawling office or a spacious conference area, single routers struggle to cover large spaces. Each eero Pro 6E can account for about 2000 sq. feet so no part of your business goes uncovered.


Unusual Layouts

Sometimes walls, stairs, and other blockers prevent WiFi signal from reaching the places it needs to. eero’s TrueMesh™ tech was built from the ground up to solve for this.


Easy management

The eero app makes every aspect of network management intuitive and easily accessible.

The Total Package

eero Pro 6E’s awesome design is only matched by its intelligence.

eero secure

Security and Safety

eero Secure and eero Plus bring enhanced security that's going to protect everyone's experience when they use your WiFi. Personal info, devices, and your network are shielded from all sorts of threats with world-class security. With eero Plus, you get 3 additional, top-rated security apps for only $6.95 per month

eero pro 6e

eero Pro 6E

An eero Pro 6E serves as a traditional router replacement and connects directly with your modem. It has two Ethernet ports and broadcasts on three wireless radio bands simultaneously. Additional eero units are placed around your business, connecting to the central hub and expanding the coverage of your network.

unlimited mesh

Unlimited Mesh

Unlimited Mesh means your WiFi signal can travel down hallways, go upstairs, or get around walls. Often WiFi systems only allow for a signal push in one direction, or as eero calls it, one hop. With signal only traveling in one direction, obstacles often pose problems to WiFi coverage.

dynamic rerouting

Dynamic Rerouting

TrueMesh software consistently understands the signal strength between each eero in your business and picks the fastest path from your device to the internet. The result is a consistent signal, no matter where you are. If an eero unit were to get knocked out of the wall, TrueMesh will reroute traffic automatically and you won’t notice a thing.

true mesh


The software powering eero was built sourcing data from hundreds of thousands of different building types to ensure no layout can prevent the system from getting WiFi everywhere it needs to be.

Security and safety for the connected business

eero Secure and eero Plus keep your network and your customers safe. Access useful tools to manage your WiFi and give you peace of mind, all wrapped up in a simple subscription.

The eero app

Every aspect of network management right at your fingertips, complete with top notch security features.

  • Network status

    Check network speed, connected devices, and eero statuses.

    Network status screen on app
  • Diagnose and fix

    Health checks unearth issues and provide helpful suggestions on how to make your network the best it can be.

    man on laptop in an office
  • Setup guest networks

    Give access to customers or clients by setting up a separate network.

    people on devices in a restaurant
Network status screen on app
man on laptop in an office
people on devices in a restaurant

Welcome to ProFi Max.

The newest member of our WiFi family has arrived - Blue Ridge ProFi Max. It's the most robust version of ProFi, using WiFi 7 technology to deliver incredibly fast internet speeds. Engineered for maximum performance, it boasts expanded coverage and additional ports, ensuring seamless connectivity for all speeds and devices. Welcome to the future of ProFi!

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Stay secure and up to date

Regular routers usually require you to stay on top of security patches and updates which seems pretty unnecessary to us.


Automatic Updates

eero software updates automatically so you’ll have the latest security and features. Without having to think about it.


Connection safety

TLS (Transport Layer Security) and WPA2 encryption creates a secure connection between your eeros, connected devices, and the cloud.


Routing audits

Third-party firms regularly inspect the entire eero infrastructure to ensure security is airtight.


Network privacy

Top notch security protocols means your network and data are secure.

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