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Blue Ridge TV Rate Increase Explanation – Our Commitment to Excellence

Due to broadcasters and cable channels raising their rates, the price of our TV service will be changing. However, our commitment to service and transparency will not.

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Stockings for Soldiers – Another Successful Year

Blue Ridge received an overwhelming show of support for our 12th annual partnership in the Keystone Military Families Stockings For Soldiers initiative.

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5 Holiday Online Shopping Safety Tips

If you’re one of the 99% of consumers shopping online these holidays, we can help protect your peace of mind from scammers with our top 5 safe shopping tips.

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Benefits and Advantages of Paperless Billing

Interested in a simple, free way to make your life easier while helping the planet stay a little greener? No matter what Blue Ridge services you enjoy in your home or business, paperless billing is available for your convenience, and there are plenty of reasons why you should take advantage of it.

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7 Resources to Keep Your Kids’ Minds Sharp During the Summer

Check out our list of the most engaging online resources to keep your kids’ minds moving during the summer – so you don’t have to.

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