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WiFi 6 – Benefits, How It Works & How to Get It

Blue Ridge
November 29, 2021

Let's Talk About WiFi 6

If your life moves at the speed of sound, your WiFi should too. WiFi 6, the next generation of wireless internet, boasts additional speed, stability, security, and lower battery consumption. Sounds too good to be true, right? As your trusted internet provider, we gathered everything you need to know, because we’ve got your six – and that includes your WiFi 6. 😉

What is WiFi 6?

Simply put, WiFi 6 (known in the technical world as: AX WiFi or 802.11ax WiFi) is the sixth and most recent version of wireless internet. It still connects you to the network you know and trust, but with a lot of additional capability, because as your world changes, your WiFi should too.

two eero pro 6 units

What Are the Benefits of WiFi 6?


WiFi 6 can transmit speeds at up to 9.6 gigabytes per second (gbps) - three times faster than the previous generation. That’s lab tested, top end capability. In your home, the big thing to understand is that speeds up to 1 gig (the most common top end service offered by most ISPs) should be no problem for your wireless network like they were for the previous generation of WiFi.

It adjusts system intervals from 80 to 160 megahertz (MHz), doubling the channel width and creating a faster connection, which means clearer signals. (Read: less buffering and connection issues while in the middle of your favorite show). Built specifically to emphasize quality connections in locations with thousands of connected devices (think: arenas, concert venues, anywhere your WiFi tends to get a little spotty), it also employs Base Service Station (BSS) Color to mark frames from neighboring networks.

Less Power Consumption

In addition to improved speed, WiFi 6 reduces power consumption with target wake time (TWT), which allows devices to minimize how often they need to send or receive data. This increases device sleep time and substantially improves battery life. Additional benefits are on the horizon too, forthcoming as usage for WiFi 6 becomes more widespread.

How Does WiFi 6 Work?

Like a sparkly new toy, WiFi 6 is full of fresh features. Getting a little more technical - orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) is a technology that subdivides each of the available channels on a given access point (AP), resulting in more stability and wider coverage.  WiFi 6 also supports multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology, which allows for any given AP to handle traffic from up to eight users at a time, increasing the bandwidth for more devices. Talk about efficient.

How Can I Get WiFi 6?

This is where we come in! While newer laptops, tablets, and smartphones likely have WiFi 6 compatibility, you’ll also need a new router or wireless mesh system. This creates a central hub with smaller access points placed throughout your home, so you have the same network coverage everywhere. HomeFi℠, short for "whole home WiFi," is our mesh system that combines Blue Ridge internet with eero pro. It’s built for any space, unusual layouts, and easy management. Plus, we have the tools you need to manage your experience with advanced content filters, Block and Allow Sites, dynamic ad blocking, and historical network insights. We’re best-in-class for a reason - we’re here to protect you.


Your life moves at the speed of sound, and you need an internet solution that can keep up. HomeFi℠ uses a wireless mesh system with the latest technology to get you closer than ever. Check out our support center to learn more about WiFi 6 and how we can help.

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