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How Routers Affect Your Internet Speeds

Blue Ridge
August 3, 2023

In our quest to bring you smooth, stable, high-speed internet, we had to pinpoint a secure and speedy WiFi router solution. With more families simultaneously using the internet at home, we wanted to ensure that our high-speed internet wasn't getting high-jacked by low-quality WiFi routers.

The Router/Internet Relationship

Your WiFi router is responsible for connecting all of your smart devices to your Blue Ridge high-speed internet. Your router works with your modem, directing data signals to each smart device on your network. Like a traffic cop, it is responsible for managing the flow of network traffic through your entire home and ultimately how you experience the internet each and every day.

If your router can't support the number of smart devices on your WiFi network or doesn't have the technology to cover every corner of your home, you will experience slow speeds and dead spots.

Routers Affect Internet Speed

Old and outdated routers may not be able to keep up or support the speeds you subscribe to. You could end up paying for higher speeds than you are getting because of a sub-par router.

Router placement can also affect your internet speeds and it is important that the router is unobstructed and in close proximity to the devices on the network. Having multiple routers can resolve this issue.

Our Solution - Blue Ridge HomeFi

Our solution to ensure that you are getting the best out of your Blue Ridge high-speed internet connection is by offering HomeFi. A whole-home WiFi system with WiFi 6E and TrueMesh Technology. Powered by eero, TrueMesh is one of the latest developments in WiFi technology. Using multiple, discreet routers placed around the home, HomeFi uses TrueMesh technology to create a grid that blankets the home with WiFi.

HomeFi has the ability to intelligently route network traffic and pick the fastest path from your device to the internet. Unlike extenders, you won’t have to manually change your network to get the best coverage. Mesh WiFi spreads one network throughout your house, optimizing your internet speeds.

Keep Your Router Up To Speed

Don't let a slow router interfere with your Blue Ridge high-speed internet. You don't have time to deal with dead zones or outdated technology so let us keep your life secure and running smoothly with our dependable, whole-home WiFi system. Always up to speed and in tempo with our ever-improving internet service, HomeFi helps us achieve our goal of keeping up with you.

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