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Getting the Most Out of 2 Gig Internet

Blue Ridge
April 19, 2023

Welcome To 2 Gig

The internet keeps getting faster, and it’s time to experience the lightning-fast speed of up to 2 Gig internet with Blue Ridge. Nearly doubling our current highest speed tier of up to 1.2 Gig, 2 Gig is here to make life a little quicker for you and anyone in your home. Continue reading to learn how to get the most out of 2 Gig internet.

How Fast is 2 Gig?

With a 2 Gig internet connection, you’ll get download speeds of up to 2 Gbps; this is ridiculously fast. For example, you can download a 10 GB file in under a minute or an HD Movie in under 10 secs with 2 Gig.

Whether you’re merely opening a new tab or streaming while HD video gaming, the seamlessness of your online experience relies heavily on your internet speed; it also can be affected by the quality and technology of your internet equipment.

Maxing Out Your Speed

Now that you’ve got up to 2 Gig, let’s get the most out of it. Whether wired or wireless, having up-to-date internet equipment is essential to achieve that exciting 2 Gig speed test result.

Getting the Most Out of up to 2 Gig Wirelessly

You’ll need the following:

  • A WiFi router that can handle the latest WiFi 6E technology. Learn more about WiFi 6E and our whole home mesh WiFi system here.
  •  A Computer, Tablet or Smart device that are WiFi 6E compatible
  • A WiFi network appropriately arranged to optimize your internet experience. Place your router in a central location, unblocked by large appliances.
A Faster Wired Connection

Plugging your device directly into a router or switch via an Ethernet cable will get you a faster and more reliable connection than connecting wirelessly.

You’ll need the following:

  • A gigabit router with a 2.5gigabit port
  • An Ethernet cable Cat6 or greater
  • A gigabit network switch if you want to connect multiple devices
  • Smart devices or devices with ports that can handle 2 Gig speeds

Most computers or other devices don’t have Ethernet ports supporting 2 Gig speeds. However, you can use a 2.5G Ethernet adapter for USB-13.0 OR USB-C ports to direct that lightning-fast 2 Gig speed to your devices.


At Blue Ridge, we continue to invest in cutting-edge technology to keep you up to speed. As the internet evolves, so will we. Contact us for any questions or more information about our up to 2 Gig high-speed internet service.

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