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Benefits and Advantages of Paperless Billing

Blue Ridge
November 10, 2020

Save more than you might think with paperless billing

Interested in a simple, free way to make your life easier while helping the planet stay a little greener? No matter what Blue Ridge services you enjoy in your home or business, paperless billing is available for your convenience, and there are plenty of reasons why you should take advantage of it.

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Save time.

Paper bills can require sifting through piles of mail, trying not to lose your statements, writing and mailing checks or manually visiting payment sites, physically archiving your statements or shredding them to protect your account info (an important security measure you always complete, right?), missing payment dates due to delivery errors or personal travel, etc.

With paperless billing, you have easy access to your account info anywhere you can get online. View and pay your current bill, save methods of payment, review past statements, and more. You can take care of business without having to wait until a paper bill arrives in the mail. You get more convenience and less clutter.

Save money.

Paperless billing helps you pay your bills on-time without any additional fees. You never have to worry about whether your submitted payment arrived by its due date. No envelopes, no stamps, no problem.

Of course, every customer who enrolls in paperless billing makes it easier for Blue Ridge to keep operating costs down. By spending less on printing and mailing bills, we can invest more in developing and providing innovative services and unmatched value for our customers.

Save trees.

It’s simple—fewer paper bills means fewer trees need to be cut down to create them. Eliminating paper bills also means less ink, plastic, fuel, industrial waste, and countless other aspects of the manufacturing, delivery, and disposal/recycling processes. If the environment could talk, it would happily thank you for going paperless.

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How does paperless billing work?

Getting started with paperless billing is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

On the web:

  • Log into your My Blue Ridge account. If you don’t have an account already, create one.
  • Go here to go paperless.
  • Click Enroll in Paperless Billing 
  • Add the email address(es) where you would like to receive billing statements.
  • Select Enroll
  • Check the email address you entered for an email from Blue Ridge and complete the verification instructions. If you don’t receive this email within a few minutes, check your spam folder.

Using the “My Blue Ridge” App

  • Download the free My Blue Ridge app for your iPhone or Android device
  • Log in using your My Blue Ridge account info. If you don’t have an account already, the app will prompt you to create one.
  • From the main menu, select Manage Paperless Billing.
  • Select Enroll in Paperless Billing.
  • Add the email address(es) where you would like to receive billing statements.
  • Select Enroll
  • Check the email address you entered and complete the verification instructions. If you don’t see an email from Blue Ridge within a few minutes, check your spam folder.
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What to expect with paperless billing

After you verify your email address, you’ll start receiving monthly statements at the address(es) you provided. You may still receive one more paper bill depending on when you opted into paperless billing. You’ll have safe, secure access to your most recent 12 billing statements via My Blue Ridge and enjoy the satisfaction of saving time, money, and trees.

If you change your mind and decide that paperless billing isn’t right for you, you can always revisit the Manage Paperless Billing option in the main menu and select Cancel Paperless Billing to resume getting paper bills each month. Give it a try!

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