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Step up your streaming and TV experience

Blue Ridge Stream is our new smart TV platform! Swap your current TiVo equipment for Stream and save up to $60/year.

Switch to Stream

Upgrade your content exploration

There’s a whole universe of content out there—it’s time to upgrade your exploration of it all. While still TiVo-fueled, Stream is powered by your Blue Ridge internet and built on Google’s Android TV. In short, this is everything you watch simplified.

Stream vs. your current TiVo experience

Why make the switch to Blue Ridge Stream?

Wi-Fi enabled

No more cable cord or bulky hardware. Plug the device into your TV, connect to your Wi-Fi, and instantly access live TV and all your streaming apps.

Smart TV capabilities

Because Stream is built on Google’s Android TV, you get the capabilities of a smart TV platform, like access to over 5,000 apps and games through Google Play and Chromecast built right in.

Unified experience

Stream lets you search, browse and create watch lists across all of your apps, all in one place—including combined recommendations for movies and shows.

Keep on streaming with TiVo+

Looking for more options to power your binge? Like TiVo, Stream offers you access to over 150 free channels with thousands of shows, movies, and other videos from providers like IMDb TV, Tubi, and more.

Continue using your voice

Powered by Google Assistant, Blue Ridge Stream’s voice control recognizes natural language and conversational delivery. Simply say “Hey Google” to find your favorite shows and movies, control smart home devices, and so much more.

Learn more about voice control

Level up your streaming and TV game

Swap your current TiVo equipment for Stream, improve your experience, and save up to $60/year. Fill out the form below to get started!