Affordable, reliable internet.

Our most affordable internet paired with eero.

What's included:

High-speed internet

Both speeds are perfect for using your phone, tablet, laptop, and streaming from one or two devices. Anything more than the everyday stuff means you might want to check out some of our other offers.

eero hub

Each offer comes with one eero hub as a traditional router replacement. If you need to extend your WiFi network, you can add additional eero Beacons. We call that HomeFiSM, and there're offers including that right below.

A router replacement.

Using an eero hub to replace a traditional router positions you to easily extend your WiFi system by adding additional eero Beacons, and the eero app provides an intuitive network management experience.

Manage your WiFi network.

Interested in something else?

If this isn't what you're looking for, we've got other deals that might make sense.

up to1000mbps

Up to one gig

Our fastest internet with a free year of HomeFiSM.

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up to500mbps

Up to 75, 100, or 500 mbps

Each offer includes HomeFiSM to make sure you get the best WiFi coverage possible.

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Affordable internet and easy network management.

Experience internet managed through the eero app. We think you'll see a difference.

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