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Service and Equipment Agreement

Service and Equipment

The signer requests BRC furnish service and equipment, as specified, and ordered: orally, in writing, online or through an interactive service, and agrees to pay all service and other charges, and agrees to all Terms and Conditions which are provided annually, available at BRC offices and online at and as amended. Terms include mandatory binding arbitration and class action waiver. See Terms for details. In case of delinquency, signer agrees to pay a 15% collection fee in addition to amount owed and costs of collection. Signer consents to receive collection and marketing calls at provided phone number. Equipment Acknowledgment is incorporated herein.

Equipment Acknowledgement

I acknowledge receipt of the equipment herein listed, in person or by agent. I understand that, even though I may not be the Subscriber to whom the Equipment is assigned, I have received the equipment and, from the time the Equipment is provided, until it is returned, You and the Subscriber (if different) are jointly and severally responsible for it. If it is lost, stolen or damaged under any circumstances after it is provided until it is returned, regardless of fault, you and the Subscriber shall be responsible for all charges, including labor costs, to replace or repair the Equipment. The Equipment is the property of BRC and is loaned for exclusive use of the Subscriber and may not be relocated from the Subscriber’s address without consent of BRC. If the service associated with the Equipment is terminated for any reason by either party, you must immediately return loaned Equipment associated with that service in an undamaged condition to BRC at the nearest BRC office. If loaned Equipment is not immediately returned upon termination, you will be assessed a charge of the manufacturers retail price of the Equipment plus collection costs and collection proceedings may commence against you.

Video on Demand: Adult programming is available for purchase on Video On Demand (Ch. 1) and Pay Per View. Please set up a pin code to control or restrict purchases. You and the subscriber will be responsible for all purchases made on your account.

DVR/TiVo (collectively “DVR box”): You and the subscriber authorize Blue Ridge to charge your credit card the cost of loaned DVR box plus 15% collection fee, less deposit, per DVR box IF Blue Ridge has not received loaned DVR box(es) within 10 days of any termination of the DVR service. You agree to pay this fee in accord with your credit card agreement. It is your responsibility to return any loaned DVR box(es) to your nearest Blue Ridge office.

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