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Welcome to our self-install hub

Here you'll find some simple instructions for setting up Blue Ridge Internet, HomeFi, and Stream.


Blue Ridge Internet

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Blue Ridge Stream

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Setting up your modem

The first step to fast, reliable internet is getting your modem ready to go. In just a few steps you'll be connected.

  • Before you get started

    Your Blue Ridge cable modem kit should include a cable modem, power cord, ethernet cable, coax cable(s), splitter (optional), and a plastic wrench.

  • 1. Locate cable outlet

    Locate an active cable outlet near the spot where you want your modem to live, such as your main living space or home office. But any outlet will do.

  • 2. Connect your cable modem

    Plug your cable modem power cord into a wall outlet. Check the lights on the front of your modem to make sure you have connection activity.

  • 3. Connect to WiFi or computer

    Connect the supplied ethernet cord to your computer, router or eero Pro. For a wireless connection, follow the HomeFi Quick Start Guide instructions to setup your eero unit(s) or use the Ethernet cable to connect your personal router device.

  • 4. Test your connection

    Test your internet connection on your phone or tablet using your favorite internet browser. That’s it! Your self-install is complete!

Setting up HomeFiSM

Whether you’re a networking expert or it’s your first time setting up home WiFi, HomeFi makes it simple.

  • Before you get started

    Your Blue Ridge HomeFi kit should include your new eero(s), power cord(s), ethernet cable(s), and an ethernet switch(optional).

  • 1. Download the app

    Download the eero home WiFi system app on the Apple Store or Google Play.

  • 2. Create an account

    Share your name, phone number and email address to receive the verification code you must enter to create your account.

  • 3. Connect eero Pro to modem

    Connect your eero to your cable modem using the Ethernet cable. Then plug your eero into a power outlet using the power cord. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup.

  • 4. Add additional eero units

    Tap the blue plus icon on the top left of the screen. Tap 'Add or Replace eero Devices,' tap 'Add eero device,' and then plug the additional eero into a power outlet.

  • 5. Connect your devices

    Add your devices to the network using your new network name and password. The network name and password is located under ‘Network Settings’ in the menu. That's it! Your self-install is complete!

Additional HomeFiSM support

Watch a video, download a pdf, or head to our support center if you need more help with HomeFi.

Setting up Blue Ridge Stream

With Blue Ridge Stream, exploring your favorite content from anywhere in your house is easy. And so is setting it up.

  • Before you get started

    Your Blue Ridge Stream kit should include a Stream device, power cord, HDMI cable, remote, and batteries.

  • 1. Connect Stream Device to TV

    Connect your Stream Device to your TV using the provided HDMI cable. Plug your Stream device into a power outlet using the provided power cord.

  • 2. Complete on-screen setup

    Follow the on-screen prompts to activate your voice remote. Select your WiFi network and enter password. Sign in to your Google account or skip this step. Choose a name for your Stream device. Select your favorite apps to install. Setup or skip the OnePass and Google Assistance options.

  • 3. Setup a Google account

    To make the most of your experience and enable all available features, we encourage Blue Ridge Stream customers to sign in with an active Google account.