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ESign Disclosure

To proceed with completing your service order, Blue Ridge needs your consent to these Terms and Conditions.  If, after you read the Terms and Conditions below, you wish to consent to electronic delivery and execution of documents, please select “I AGREE.”

If you do not want to sign and/or receive your document(s) electronically, please contact us at 1-800-222-5377.

Blue Ridge Communications and its subsidiaries, affiliates, or agents (collectively, “we”, “us” or “Blue Ridge”) may provide you with certain notices, disclosures or agreements, some of which are required by law to be “in writing.” The federal E-SIGN Act and Pennsylvania Electronic Transactions Act allow us to provide you these written notices, disclosures or agreements electronically with your consent. These laws also permit the use of electronic signatures.

This consent relates to any electronic documents or signatures associated with any of your Blue Ridge services unless or until you revoke consent.  These electronic documents include service agreements and all notifications, disclosures, documents and other information that Blue Ridge is required by any law, rule or regulation of any federal, state or local governmental authority (including any franchise authority) to provide or make available to you in writing (collectively “Required Legal Documents”).  These Required Legal Documents include, but are not limited to, Blue Ridge's High Speed Internet agreement, annual subscriber privacy notices, customer service notices, equipment compatibility notices, and copies of any authorizations or notices to or from Blue Ridge relating to the payment of your Blue Ridge bills via electronic fund transfers.  We also reserve the right to provide you information, at times, in printed format, even if you have consented to receive Required Legal Documents electronically.

If you wish to obtain a paper copy of any Required Legal Document provided to you electronically, you may do so at no cost to you by contacting your local Blue Ridge office. The telephone number for your local Blue Ridge office can be found on your bill statement or at  Some Required Legal Documents are also available on your My Blue Ridge account for you to review and print.

You may withdraw your consent to sign or receive Required Legal Documents electronically at any time at no cost to you by choosing to resume paper delivery. To resume paper delivery of your Required Legal Documents, please contact your Blue Ridge at 1-800-222-5377 and a customer service representative can make the change for you.  Any withdrawal of your consent to receive Required Legal Documents electronically will not affect the legal validity or effectiveness of any Required Legal Documents delivered to you prior to the effective date of the withdrawal of your consent.
In order to ensure that we are able to contact you electronically, you must update us with any change in your e-mail address. To update the e-mail address on your account, please contact us by:

Telephone: 1-800-222-5377
Regular Mail:
Blue Ridge Communications
594 Blakeslee Blvd. Dr. W.
2nd Floor
Lehighton, PA 18235

To access and retain the Required Legal Documents electronically, no special hardware or software is required. You will need access to the internet and a web browser.  We support the following browsers:  Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

If a change in hardware or software requirements becomes necessary in order for you to continue to access and/or retain the Required Legal Documents electronically, we will alert you of any revised hardware or software requirements for such access and/or retention. At that time, you will have the right, at no cost to you, to withdraw your consent to receive the Required Legal Documents electronically.
By selecting “I AGREE”, I agree that:

  • I was able to read this E-Sign Disclosure, Consent and Terms and Conditions and agree to the above terms and conditions.
  • I have an active email address on file with Blue Ridge and confirm that I have the hardware and/or software described above.
  • I must update my email address with Blue Ridge if it changes.
  • Until I notify Blue Ridge as described above, I consent to electronically sign and receive any records, notices, disclosures or agreements.