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Blue Ridge TV Rate Increase Explanation – Our Commitment to Excellence

Blue Ridge
December 22, 2021

2022 TV Service Rate Increase Explanation

Among so much else, the news over the past year has been filled with stories about TV providers, both traditional and streaming, raising prices to cover significant rate increases from TV programmers. Comcast, RCN, Altice, DIRECT-TV, Dish, Spectrum, and other traditional TV providers raised prices.

New online TV streaming services, like HULU, YouTube, Direct TV Stream, and Sling, which came into the market with promises of low rates, have been raising prices or dropping channels.

Unfortunately, when most consumers are looking to pay less for TV service, the TV programmers (broadcasters and “cable” channels) are charging more and more. Learn more about how we’re continuing to work hard to keep you connected to everything you enjoy.

We’re Committed to Providing Quality and Value

Over the past year, we negotiated new programming deals with ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, FOX News, FOX Business, FS1 and FS2, CNN, TBS, TNT, ABC Family, Disney, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN U, FX, FX Movie, FXX, MAV TV, Nat GEO, MSNBC, Hallmark, Hallmark Movies, CNBC and more.  Additionally, each year brings increases already built into current contracts for almost all the channels we provide.

At Blue Ridge, we consider many things when pricing our TV service. We carefully review and cut operating and programming expenses whenever possible to ensure that we’re doing what we can to minimize the rate impact on our customers.

While it may not always appear this way, we want you to know that we’ve managed expenses in such a way that allows us to absorb a share of the escalating programming costs. TV programming, however, is the number one cost that makes up the TV expense.

No Hidden Fees

While some TV providers advertise low prices, what they don’t tell you is that they have the proverbial “hidden fees.” The Broadcast Fee, Regional Sports Fee, Entertainment Fee, Service Call fees, Network Fees — they’re everywhere, and you probably won’t know about them upfront. At Blue Ridge, we’re proud none of our fees are hidden, and we don’t have a lot of them. We do our best to keep costs low.

We’re Thrilled You Chose Us

We know you have options for TV service. We’re honored and proud to be your service provider. We’re also confident that no one else provides the breadth of local coverage, channel choice, and convenience of Blue Ridge TV with TiVo®.

If you choose another TV streaming provider, remember that we offer an excellent internet connection for streaming with speeds up to 1 Gig and plans with unlimited data.

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