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Protect Your Home

We've been notified that our current vendor will no longer support the home security system you have, so we're introducing Blue Ridge Home Security powered by, a leader in home security solutions.  Scroll to learn more about this change and the actions you need to take to avoid a service interruption.

What it means for you

We promise to make this as easy and worry free as possible.  For starters, our technicians are ready to visit your home and swap all of your devices free of charge when you enter into a new contract.  Plus your new equipment comes with a new one year warranty.  Blue Ridge Home Security powered by will provide you with a comprehensive system of security, automation, and more.

Your new system needs to be installed by June 1, 2021 to ensure there’s no lapse in the protection of your home.  Fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact shortly to help get your upgrade scheduled.

Schedule your upgrade

Protecting all the things that matter

See what’s new(er) and smart(er). Our new system is built and backed by the leading provider in home security, so rest assured the new suite of equipment and technology will continue to keep you safe 24/7.


Lights, camera, action! With improved video quality, you’ll know instantly whether it was the neighborhood racoon again – or a reason to call the police. HD quality and great lowlight performance make for crystal clear video inside and out.

Video Analytics

Introducing smarter video analytics and alerts. View a live feed from one of your online cameras, even in the dark, from the comfort of bed or from the checkout line at the store using your smartphone or tablet. Or, with the image sensor, you’ll automatically get sent a picture when motion’s detected.


From window and door sensors to help you monitor activity, to smoke and carbon monoxide sensors that communicate with other systems in the home, to water sensors so that no leak goes undetected, you’ll receive all the alerts that can help you take action before things get out of control.

Cellular Backup

Built-in backup where you need it most. systems communicate and protect you even in emergencies like a fire, a break-in, or extreme weather. No power is no problem with an available cellular backup network.

Keep teaching your old home new tricks

From new ways to receive notifications to upgrades for the control center, the main system has all of the analytics, automation, and alerts that make safety simple and convenient.


Smart Thermostat

The smart thermostat gives you full control over your heating and cooling from your closest connected device. But it’s also looking out for your wallet. The thermostat’s intelligent routines may even help save money on energy bills.


Smart Locks

“Knock, knock!” “Who’s there?” Now you can give each user their own lock code and get notifications whenever a user unlocks the door, so you’ll always know who’s coming and going.


Smart Lights

Continue to manage lights with automatic schedules so it always looks like your home’s the hub of activity on the block – even when you’re away. Or, set rules to have lights automatically turn on in the event of an emergency for added visibility.

All in the app

Control all of this and more from the app. Know what’s going on in and around your home from anywhere you may be traveling – or without having to leave the couch.

  • App Functionality

    Get the app in the Apple Store or on Google Play for complete control of everything in and around your home with the tap of your finger.

  • Apple Watch

    Don’t waste your time. With Apple Watch-supported features, home security just got as easy as checking the time.

  • Alexa

    If Alexa lives in your house, your home security system would love to meet her. You can use any Alexa device to control your home security system, from setting new rules to adjusting the temperature. When you speak, your house listens.

We’ve got you covered

As part of this swap, we’re introducing a more all-inclusive plan, including regular system maintenance. Check out what the maintenance plan includes.

24/7 Customer Support

We’re here for you, night and day! Any time you need help or have a question regarding your security system, we’ll answer your call.  Our team is local, technically trained, and ready to ensure you get the quality of service and support you deserve.

Free Service Calls

Here to save the day! If your system is ever in need of repair, our skilled technicians will be out to help at no cost for the visit.

Equipment Warranty

All equipment purchased through Blue Ridge will automatically include a 1-year warranty. If for any reason a device would need to be replaced during the first year, just reach out.

Get Blue Ridge Home Security

Upgrade to our new system by June 1, 2021 without equipment or installation costs. Get in touch with a Blue Ridge Home Security specialist today to learn more and schedule your upgrade.

© 2021 Blue Ridge Communications.  Blue Ridge cabled territories only.  All services are not available in all areas.  Offer is only for current month-to-month Blue Ridge Smart Home Security customers.  Acceptance of offer requires new 3-year contract.  If declined, Blue Ridge will terminate existing contract no later than July 31,2021.  Upon termination, equipment will no longer work.  Home Security requires subscription to at least 5 Mbps of Internet.  Cellular back-up is only available in areas covered by GSM network.  Other restrictions may apply.