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New Data Allowances

We’re rolling out some new standards around data usage and want to make sure you’re up to date.

Here are the details

Effective July 1, the new data allowance structure below will go into place for all speed tiers.


1 GigUnlimited
500 MbpsUnlimited
250 MbpsUnlimited
150 Mbps1.5 TB
100 Mbps1.3 TB
50 Mbps1.1 TB
10 Mbps200 GB


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Stay on top of your data

With the My Blue Ridge app, you can check data usage with a few taps of your finger (or thumb). It has a bunch of other great things too – like paying your bill and upgrading your internet speed.

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We’ve got a variety of offers for every lifestyle and our fastest speeds come with the freedom of unlimited data. Take a peek and see what’s right for you.

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