Tunkhannock/Huntington Hills Area

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Basic Cable TV Services
Broadcast Basic $25.08/month
Basic+ (includes Broadcast Basic) $69.63/month
Additional Analog Outlets $0.50 each/month
Digital Cable
Digital Gateway (includes Broadcast Basic & Basic+) $75.58/month
Digital Basic (includes Broadcast Basic, Basic+ & Digital Gateway) $80.58/month
Digital Basic+ (includes Broadcast Basic, Basic+, Digital Gateway & Digital Basic) $85.58/month
Digital Basic+ with SHOWTIME $95.58/month
Blue Ridge En Espanol $3.95/month
Disney Family Movies On Demand $4.95/month
Anime Network On Demand $6.95/month
Too Much for TV $14.95/month
Cable Card $5.95/month
Additional Digital Outlet $5.95/outlet/month (analog outlet required)
Digital Video Recorder
DVR (Add to Digital Cable subscription) $9.95/month
DVR HD (Add to HDTV Basic or HDTV+) $9.95/month
Additional DVR HD Outlet (Price includes additional HDTV outlet) $15.90/month
High Definition TV Packages (HDTV settop charge will apply)
HDTV Basic (includes Basic+ & Digital Gateway) $75.58/month
HDTV Basic (includes Basic+ & Digital Basic) $80.58/month
HDTV Basic (includes Basic+ & Digital Basic+) $85.58/month
HDTV Basic+ (includes Basic+, Digital Gateway & HDTV Basic) $88.53/month
HDTV Basic+ (includes Basic+, Digital Basic & HDTV Basic) $93.53/month
HDTV Basic+ (includes Basic+, Digital Basic+ & HDTV Basic) $98.53/month
HDTV Set-Top Charge (Primary) $4.00/month
Additional HDTV set-top rental $5.95/HDTV outlet/month (analog outlet required)
Premium Movie Value Packages (Digital Cable required)
HBO, Cinemax, Showtime/TMC & STARZ/Encore $45.95/month
Pick Any 3 $36.95/month
Pick Any 2 $26.95/month
HBO/Cinemax On Demand Free with subscription to HBO and Cinemax!
Showtime/TMC On Demand Free with subscription to Showtime and TMC!
STARZ/Encore On Demand Free with subscription to STARZ and Encore!
A la carte (Digital Cable required)
HBO $17.50/month
Cinemax $15.95/month
STARZ/Encore $15.95/month
Showtime/The Movie Channel (TMC) $15.95/month
Installation & Fees
Analog Cable Installation $49.95 (up to 2 outlets)
Reconnect/Collection Fee $49.50
Digital Cable Installation Free standard installation

Pricing and service availability subject to change.

General: Blue Ridge cabled territories only. All services are not available in all areas. Franchise fees, taxes and FCC fees may apply. Upon service termination, all Blue Ridge-provided equipment must be returned in good condition. Installation charges are additional. Other charges for homes not wired for cable. Some services require credit check or deposits. Call your local Blue Ridge office for restrictions and complete details about service, prices, and equipment. Signed service agreements may be required. Terms of Articles of Agreement apply. Programming and charges subject to change.
Digital Cable: A digital box and remote control required. Equipment charges may apply. Basic+ cable subscription required. Sports Packages, On Demand, HDTV and DVR require Digital and Basic+ Cable. Sports packages are subject to blackouts.
On Demand: All ON DEMAND selections are subject to charge indicated at time of purchase. Subscription to underlying premium service required for premiums on demand.
HDTV: Service includes use of a converter, which allows a HDTV capable set to display those programs transmitted by networks in HD. Service does not convert non-HD programming into HD. Advertised HD channels may transmit non HD programming on HD Channels. HD capable television is required (not provided). $4 charge applies to primary set top. Comparative claims based upon areas where HDTV from Blue Ridge is available. Satellite HD requires separate antenna. HDTV channels subject to change and may not be available in all HD ready areas.
DVR: $5.95 additional digital set-top charge applies. Valid credit card/deposit and signed agreement required. $50 deposit required for additional DVR set-tops. Service may vary by areas. DVR recording capacity is limited. On Demand and Music Choice channels cannot be recorded.