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A unified experience.

The new TiVo is built around the concepts of total unification, accurate voice recognition, and making sure the shows and movies you love or don’t even know you love yet, are easily found.

In simpler terms, just watch.

Image of iPhone and TiVo screens
TiVo Voice Remote

Say it. Watch it.

Go from menu mazes to menu freedom with the TiVo voice remote. Simply say what you want to watch, and TiVo will pull it from wherever it lives, whether that’s live, recorded, or streaming. Fan-favorite TiVo features like SmartBar™, OnePass™, and QuickView™ all work even better with voice functionality integrated.

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Collage of TV shows

Wherever you want.

All your shows on all your screens. Anytime, anywhere.

Take your recorded shows with you

Load up your device with your favorite show on your iOS or Android device and take them with you. (Download not available on all channels)

Watch TV anywhere

Stream live TV or recorded shows right to your device. (Available only in home network)

Schedule recordings from anywhere

Search, browse, and schedule TV recordings through your iOS or Android devices.

Easy to use search

Search TV, Blue Ridge On Demand, and apps like Netflix or Hulu all at the same time.

iPad on table at the beach with Tivo Screen

There's even more.

Screenshot of SmartBar

The SmartBar predicts shows to watch based on what your household usually watches at a particular time or day.

Use the DOWN arrow on your remote to move to the SmartBar, then select a show to go to the series, where you can choose to watch it.

Screenshot of QuickView

If you want to take a quick look at what else is on:

  • Press the UP arrow to show what’s coming up on live TV.
  • Press the DOWN arrow to display the SmartBar which shows you what you watch regularly.
  • Press the LEFT arrow to display your favorite channels.
  • Press the RIGHT arrow to display what is playing on other tuners.
Graphic of remote finder
Remote Finder

Can’t find your remote? Like an unfair game of hide and seek, simply press the remote finder button on your box and your remote will start beeping letting you know right where it is.

Blue Ridge and Alexa,
Perfect Together!

Amazon Alexa is now integrated with your TiVo, HomeFi and Smart Home.

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Alexa device

Blue Ridge’s newest TiVo settop box supports 4K streaming.

Incredibly life-like television

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Bring it all together.

Blue Ridge TV paired with TiVo is where live and recorded TV seamlessly meet streaming. Give yourself a truly unified experience by adding TiVo

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Blue Ridge Digital Cable and High Speed Internet are required to add TiVo service. 1.5 mbps is required for TiVo service. For streaming applications like Netflix, TiVo recommends at least 5mbps.Service requires compatible TiVo hardware and mobile devices running compatible software. Not all programming may be streamed due to the use of copy protection mechanisms permitted under the FCC’s encoding rules. Some features and options may be not available in your service area. Call Blue Ridge to see what options are supported in your area and for pricing and other information. © 2018 TiVo Solutions Inc. All rights reserved. TiVo, the TiVo logo, TiVo silhouette logo, Season Pass, SmartBar, TiVo Central, WishList, the Instant Replay logo, the Jump logo, the Thumbs Up logo and the Thumbs Down logo are registered trademarks of TiVo Solutions Inc. or its affiliates worldwide. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The following US patents may apply: For TiVo hardware safety and compliance information, visit