Troubleshooting | TV Caller ID

Issue Resolution

TV Caller ID is not working

  1. Do you have an active Blue Ridge Digital Cable and Blue Ridge Digital Phone account? TV Caller ID will not work on any other phone system.
  2. If you have both digital cable and digital phone, make sure both are working. If not, you will need to reboot the digital set top which can be done one of two ways.
    1. Unplug the power cord from behind your set top or from the wall outlet for 5 seconds and plug back in. Then press the RESET button on the back of the phone/internet modem. This reboots both pieces of equipment so they can link up together to display the Caller ID on the TV.
    2. (DVR set top reboot) On the front of the settop, press and hold simultaneously the Vol – and Vol + buttons and then press the 'Info' button until BOOT appears on the time display. (Non DVR set top reboot) On the front of the digital set top, press and hold the POWER button until BOOT appears on the time display. Once BOOT appears, release the button and let the set top come back up on it's own. This could take up to 10 minutes for picture and sound to return. 
  3. Go to Channel 999.
    a. Press the yellow “A” button on your digital cable remote.
    b. Ensure that the TV Caller ID Status is set to “enable.”
  4. If the above steps are verified and TV Caller ID is still not working, contact us at 1-800-CABLE 77. A Customer Service Agent will need the following:
    a. Your home phone number.
    b. MAC address from the back of the digital cable set-top (12 digits long).

Changing Settings

 Tune to Channel 999 to adjust setting, activate/deactivate this feature or to see a list of the last 10 callers.