Troubleshooting | Internet

Issue Resolution

"Not able to Connect to Internet"

  1. Was the Modem moved from the spot of installation? If so, you will need to call Blue Ridge Communications. Click here for a list of offices.
  2. Check connections to make sure they are secure and connectors are hand tightened.
  3. Make sure standby button isn't pushed in.
  4. Make sure wall switch is on if plugged into outlet controlled by wall switch.
  5. Reboot modem:
    1. Shut computer down
    2. Pull the power cord from back of modem and wait 1 min. Plug modem back in. Let modem ramp back up.
    3. If you have a router, unplug the power cord from the back of the router and wait 1 minute. Plug router back in. Let router restart.
    4. Restart Computer.
  6. Make sure you are grabbing a valid IP. Run "winipcfg" or "ipconfig," verify you have a valid IP and try "release/renew."

Virus Protection

  1. You should have some type of virus protection. Set it up to run on a regular basis. If you need any guidelines you can speak with PenTeleData 1-800-804-5783.
  2. Keep updated on Windows updates. They contain downloads and virus fixes.
  3. It is also suggested to install a firewall to close some of the ports that viruses sneak in on. You can also use a router to serve as a firewall.
  4. Please contact 1-800-Cable77 with any questions.

Xbox and Playstation

Please refer to their corresponding website or instructional & troubleshooting CD included with the system.