Troubleshooting | Digital Cable / DVR / HDTV

Issue Resolution

Digital Box Reboots Itself

  1. This sometimes happens when maintenance has been performed to the system.
  2. If the digital box does this constantly, there may be a problem with the box itself. Please call your local Blue Ridge Communications office.

No Guide Data

  1. Reboot digital box by holding in the Power button until you see the word ‘BOOT’ on the time display.
  2. Release the button.
  3. Turn digital box back on after the correct time reappears.

No Sound

  1. Make sure volume is turned up.
  2. Make sure mute button isn’t on.
  3. Check inputs on digital box and make sure if you are using audio/video cables they are snug and plugged in properly.
  4. If using an HDMI cable for an HD settop, verify the HDMI audio is enabled. This can be done by pressing the “Settings” button on your digital remote, “A” for more settings, and locating the option for “Audio Digital Output”. Change the option to “HDMI” and press “Select”.

TV Displays "No Signal"

  1. Verify digital settop is powered on.
  2. If using a HD TV, change TV input back to “component” or “HDMI” using TV remote.
  3. If using a Standard TV, change TV back to Channel 3 using TV remote.

Blue Screen or Snow

  1. Make sure the coaxial cable is connected to both the TV and/or digital box.
  2. Make sure the TV is on Channel 3.

If using a Power Strip or Surge Protector

  1. Main coaxial cable wire must go directly to the “Cable In” on the digital box, from the “Cable Out” of the digital box to the power strip/surge protector, and then from the surge protector to the TV’s “Cable In”.

Reprogrammable Digital Remote

  1. If the Blue Ridge Communications digital remote control will not power your TV on/off or control the volume then turn the digital remote over and follow the directions on back. Click here if you need manuals/instructions for remotes.
  2. You may also turn to channel 998, Remote Help channel for instructions.

HDTV is on Wrong Input

  1. Using the TV’s own remote control, change the TV input back to HDMI or Component (or “Y PB PR” or “HD Colorstream”)

No Video and/or Audio but Channel Banner is Visible

  1. Reboot digital box by holding in the Power button. The time will disappear on the settop display.
  2. Release Power button.

HDTV Set Top Box Keeps Rebooting Itself

  1. Call 1-800-Cable 77 for assistance.

Display Has Incorrect Time

  1. Verify coaxial connection that comes from the wall/floor is plugged into the “Cable In” spot on the back of the settop.
  2. If #1 doesn't correct the problem, reboot digital box by holding in the Power button until you see the word ‘BOOT’ on the time display.
  3. Release the button.
  4. Turn box back on after the correct time reappears.

No Audio on some channels or some channels are in Spanish

  1. Turn SAP (Secondary Audio Program) off. If you have a digital converter box, press <SETTINGS> on your remote.
  2. Scroll down until you see “SAP – Play Secondary Audio”. If the dot is under “YES”, press your <SELECT> or <SEL/OK> button to move the dot to “NO”.
  3. If you do not have a digital box, then check your TV’s remote control for a button called “SAP” or “MTS” or “MCS”.
  4. If your remote has no button, then check your TV’s settings or menu to turn SAP off.