Troubleshooting | Cable TV General Issues

Issue Resolution

No TV (picture or sound)

  1. Make sure the CATV/normal switch is set to CATV.
  2. Verify the auto program is set on the TV in CBL or STD mode.
  3. Properly adjust the fine tune control.
  4. Make sure the cable is connected to VHF on TV.
  5. Verify that the TV is not plugged into an electrical outlet controlled by a wall switch.

When it is your TV

  1. If screen is dark or light but has no snow.
  2. If a popping or cracking noise is heard and the volume is set on low.
  3. If the picture rolls on all channels and it won’t stop with the vertical setting.
  4. If the picture runs on all channels and it won’t stop with the horizontal setting.
  5. If there is ghosting on all channels and it won’t stop with the fine tune button.
  6. If the TV will not power on, and the electrical outlet has been verified as working.

No Sound on All Channels

  1. Verify that the volume control is up and the mute is not turned on.
  2. If using audio cables, verify they are plugged in securely and in the appropriate locations.
  3. If using a surround sound receiver, verify the receiver is powered on and in the correct input mode.

Poor Reception - snowy, fuzzy, lines, waves on 1 or few channels

Make sure all connections are hand tightened.

Channels in Spanish

  1. Make sure second audio switch is set to English.
  2. SAP function on TV menu should be off.

Blue Screen

Verify that the VCR/DVD player is off.

Black Band (box of entire screen)

  1. Verify that closed captioning is off.
  2. Verify that closed captioning (text box) is off.

Only Receiving Channels 2-13

  1. Verify you have Basic+ service.
  2. Verify TV is on CATV or cable.
  3. If settings are correct try running an autosearch/autoprogram from your TV’s menu.

Remote Not Working

  1. Check the batteries.
  2. Make sure nothing is obstructing the path between remote, TV, and/or converter.
  3. If it needs to be reprogrammed, please click here for user guides and manuals.
  4. If certain functions of the remote are not working (Guide, List, Settings, etc.) try placing the remote back in “CBL” mode. This can be done by pressing “Mode”, then “CBL”. If no “Mode” button is available, try just pressing “CBL” on the remote control.