Guide and Menus

Learn about the new experience.

Cleaner and easier to navigate menus.

TiVo Central is now TiVo Home

Access the new TiVo Home by pressing the TiVo button on the remote once.

My Shows has a new look

Easily access My Shows by pressing the TiVo button on the remote twice.

Apps & Blue Ridge On Demand is now Apps

Easier access to the apps you love.

Navigating the new look
and feel of the guide.

The on screen guide displays up to two weeks of TV programming and shifts in blocks of 8 channels at a time. Icons in the guide help you navigate. New shows are marked with NEW, Shows currently being recorded have a red circle next to the title, shows scheduled to be recorded have a single check-mark, while OnePass recordings are double check-marked.


Allows you to see what else is playing while watching live TV or recorded show. QuickView panels appear over the video you’re watching, with just a click of one of your arrow keys on the remote.


One-line guide; shows what is coming up on live TV. Press back to close.


SmartBar; quick access to the shows you watch regularly.


Favorite Channels; you can set your favorites in channel settings.


Tuners; shows what is playing on all six tuners.


Have a question, we have the answer.

As part of the upgrade, the Guide now shifts in blocks when arrowing up/down and left/right. For example, when arrowing down, the Guide currently displays Channels 1-8, the previous version would just add the next 1 channel, and now displays Channels 2-9. The new guide shifts an entire block of 8 channels and displays Channels 9-16. In addition, when arrowing right, the Guide shifts in 2-hour time blocks instead of 30 minutes at a time. Finally, if you continue watching the same channel during a show change, an Info bar will display and give you the information on the next show.

Press the TiVo button twice for quick access to My Shows.

Previously, folders were created only when there was more than 1 episode under the title in the My Shows list. With this upgrade, every Show/Movie title is a folder, and the number indicated to the right, is the number of episodes within that folder, to better organize your recordings.

The next episode will play automatically after the timer runs out. (The countdown clock timer length is set as 30 seconds ). Press BACK on the remote to exit this feature, at which point the delete episode overlay is displayed.
After watching more than one episode and then pressing BACK, you will be able to delete all episodes that were watched with 1 click.
Press OK/Select on the remote (while “play” is in the highlight), the episode will immediately begin playing

With this new TiVo upgrade, OnePass settings and recordings are not affected.

The background images can be turned off by accessing TiVo Home > Menu > Settings > User Preferences > Video Window & Background > Display Background Images > No. This quick and simple process will need to be completed on each individual piece of TiVo equipment in the home.

Thuuz Sports Ratings
The following sports are supported:

NA Leagues: NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball (Mens)
EU Leagues: EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions/Europa
Global Sports: Golf (PGA), Tennis (ATP)

Metacritic Movie Rating is seen on movie titles

Parental Controls have been enhanced to help you manage app access and visibility. When Parental Controls are turned on, a PIN code will be required to access the Apps Menu and the Options Menu ('A' Button) in TiVo Home. Also, apps will not launch with Voice commands when Parental Controls are enabled.

When using Home Shortcuts a PIN code is not required. You can add up to four permitted apps to the TiVo Home Shortcuts menu. Press the TiVo Home button > Press A for Options > Highlight App > Use keypad to press Shortcut number (6-9) > Press TiVo Home button > Press # Shortcut key to launch app.

Please Note: The Netflix button on the TiVo Voice Remote will NOT be disabled by Parental Controls. It is recommended that you enable additional Parental Controls within the Netflix app itself.

Using the TiVo remote, press and hold the yellow “A” button (located above the numbered buttons) for two seconds to turn Screen Reader on or off. A voice will say “screen reader on” when activated.

Tips & Tricks

Watch these quick videos to learn more about the voice remote.

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