Stockings for Soldiers

• Christmas stockings - 20” to 24”
• Christmas hats - Santa or Elf
• Paper or plastic decorations - no glass
• Ground or instant coffee, K-cups, tea
• Coffee creamer and sugar packets
• Hot chocolate, hot cider
• *Power bars, cereal bars, trail mix,
  granola bars, healthy snacks
• Slim Jims, beef or turkey jerky
• Sunflower seeds and nuts
• *Individual snacks: crackers, cookies
• *Peanut butter & jelly - small plastic jars
• Candy canes
• 5 Hour Energy and similar products
• Small sewing kits
• Manicure kits
• *Sunscreen and insect repellent
• Chapstick with sunscreen, Blistex
• Aspirin, Tylenol, vitamins and cold
  meds in small packages
• Odor Eaters (for boots), Dr. Scholl’s
  foot pads, blister pads
• Hand sanitizer (small size to carry)
• Mens and ladies calf-high socks or
  boot socks (in black or white)
• Hand and foot warmers
•Thermal gloves or glove liners
• *CDs and DVDs - new or used - current
  releases are appreciated
Drop off deadline is November 6th 2017 at all Blue Ridge Communications Offices!