Additional Equipment

Interactive Kwikset Deadbolt
$189.95 each

The Kwikset deadbolt allows you to remotely lock/unlock your doors from your smartphone or online. Available in 3 finishes - Polished brass, venetian bronze or satin nickel.

$79.95 each

Your home's control center where you disarm/arm your system, customize settings and more.

Glass Break
$79.95 each

Glass Break detector

Glass-break detector can be mounted on walls or ceilings to detect breaking of framed glass on any exterior wall. The detector senses the sound of most types of breaking glass, including plate, tempered, laminated, wired, coated and sealed insulated glass.

$174.95 each

Use your internet-connected device to view live, secure video and recorded video clips of what's going on inside/outside your home while you're away. One camera is included with the Smart Home Secure & Control system.

Clip Motion - curtain
$60.95 each

Provide an added layer of protection by monitoring family rooms, hallways and stairs.

$142.95 each

Control and set your home temperature from any internet-connected device. Use the climate control feature to help increase your energy efficiency and potentially save money on energy bills.

Water Sensor
$59.95 each

Be alerted to leaks and flooding within the home. Perfect for the basement, laundry room, or anywhere possible water damage may occur.

Lamp Module
$47.95 each

Adjust the lights or create a lighting schedule from any internet-connected device. One lamp module is included with the Smart Home Secure & Control system.

Interactive Light Bulb
$13.50 each

Light Bulb

LED bulb that provides 800 lumens of light, equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. It will last 25000 hours and offers warm white color and can be controlled using the Blue Ridge Smart Home app

Door/Window Sensor
$39.95 each

Get peace of mind knowing you'll be alerted in the event someone enters your home. Three sensors are included with either the Smart Home Secure or Smart Home Secure & Control systems.

Motion Detector
$79.95 each

Wide-range motion sensors detect intruders and alert you via text or email whether you are home or away. Will not detect pets up to 85lbs. One motion detector is included with either Smart Home system.

Smoke/CO Detector
$149.95 each

Smoke/CO Detector

Smoke/CO detector is a battery-powered, multi-criteria smoke and CO detector. It enables monitoring of dangerous smoke and CO gas and supports voice notification.

Appliance Module
$75.95 each

No more worrying if you left the iron on or if you forgot to turn off the coffee pot. This feature gives you the power to control your appliances remotely.

Siren Detector
$70.95 each

This detector is designed to listen to the alarm of any smoke detector. Once confirmed as an alarm, it will transmit a signal to the alarm control panel which if connected to a central monitoring station, will dispatch the fire department.

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* Restrictions apply. Requires a 3-year term agreement and a subscription to Blue Ridge Internet service (5 Mbps or above). A one-time purchase of a security equipment package is required, starting at $99.95. Security monitoring service is a separate monthly charge and starts at $34.95 per month. Customers receive an additional $10.00 discount per month if currently subscribed to Blue Ridge Cable, Internet and Phone. Monitoring services may be sub-contracted. An early termination fee applies. Local permitting fees may be required. Pricing is subject to change. Blue Ridge maintains ownership of touch screen. Remote video access requires purchase of Smart Home Secure and Control package. Remote access not available with all smartphones. Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the exact product/service actually provided. Installation, taxes and charges for any equipment not included in selected package are extra. Installation charge per each additional installed device applies. Homeowner's insurance discounts vary. Contact your insurance provider for details. Blue Ridge is not an insurer. Call for restrictions and complete details.