Hallmark Channel and Weather Channel added to Go services

Hallmark Channel Everywhere is now available on Blue Ridge Go! Just in time for the holidays...watch uplifting, family friendly movies Hallmark is known for on your desktop or most mobile devices.

Also, if you are not near a TV, that is ok, because live viewing of the Weather Channel is now available on your desktop. The mobile app is currently available for viewing on demand, pre-recorded weather related videos, but not live streaming.

We offer over 65 Go networks making it easier for you to not miss any great programs. Find out more about Hallmark Channel and Weather Channel Go networks and others available at Blue Ridge Go.

Sun Outages 2015

Sun Outages or Solar interference occurs every February/March and September/October of each year, and results in the degradation or loss of satellite signal for short periods of time each day for about 2 weeks. The effects will be seen on most channels and will occur during various times of the day.  Interruptions can last from just a few minutes to up to 15 minutes a day and can range from mild to severe. Sun Outage takes place when the orbital positions of the satellite and the sun are in one line. The earth station receives signals from both, but the more powerful sun rays subdue the desired signal, causing a loss of service.   Sun outages only affect TV service, not Internet or our... more

Stockings for Soldiers 2015

From Oct 11th through Nov 11th, we will be collecting supplies, cards, hygience products, and food for our men and women stationed and spending Christmas away from home in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

You may drop off your donation at any Blue Ridge office until Nov 11th (Ephrata area office deadline is Nov 27th).

Here are the top 10 items needed:

  •     Christmas Stockings (handmade or purchased), 12" to 20"
  •     Christmas hats (Santa or elf)
  •     Paper or plastic Christmas decorations. (No glass ornaments.)
  •     Ground or instant coffee, hot tea, coffee creamer and sugar packets, hot chocolate,... more

Oxygen Channel Repositioning 10/15/15

On Oct 15, 2015, Oxygen will become part of Basic+ service in the following areas:

Stroudsburg                                                    Oxygen moves to Ch 66 (EWTN moves to Digital Basic Ch 160)

Newberry/Duncannon                                    Oxygen moves to Ch 77

Tunkhannock/New Albany                              Oxygen moves to Ch 22

Mansfield/Wellsboro/Troy/Galeton/Liberty   Oxygen moves to Ch 71

Hawley/Honesdale                                           Oxygen moves to Ch 75

Investigation Discovery Repositioning 10/1/15

On Oct 1st, Investigation Discovery, ID, will become part of your Basic+ service.

       Newberry/ Duncannon areas                            Ch 76
       Milford/ Hemlock areas                                      Ch 75
       Hawley/ Honesdale/ Newfoundland                 Ch 22
       Tunkhannock/ Dushore/ New Albany areas    Ch 39
       Mansfield/ Wellsboro/ Troy/ Galeton areas     Ch 69

       Lehighton/ Slatington/ Palmerton areas          Ch 68 (INSP moves to Ch 160)
       Stroudsburg area                                                Ch 67 (TBN moves to Ch 158)
       Ephrata area... more

New Data Allowances


Effective September 1, 2015, data allowance for residential customers will change as follows:

  • Web Surfer - 150 GB per month
  • G5 - 300 GB per month
  • G10 - 400 GB per month
  • G15 - 500 GB per month
  • Dream 60 - 600 GB per month
  • Dream 100 - 700 GB per month

Bandwidth usage will be measured 24 hours a day throughout the month.

For customers exceeding their data allowance a $10 charge will be assessed and the customers will be given an additional 50GB of data.

Customers are encouraged to sign up for a My Blue Ridge username and password... more

NFL Red Zone HD Free Preview

Enjoy a free preview of NFL Red Zone HD, Channel 644. (HD settop required)


Aug 13  7:30pm-11pm

Aug 14  7:30pm-10:30pm

Aug 22  7:30pm-11pm

Aug 29  7pm-11pm

Sept 3   7pm-11pm

Week 1

Sept 13  1pm - 7:30pm

Fox Sports Go Launch

We are pleased to offer the following networks under the Fox Sports Go app.

Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 2

Fox College Sports - Atlantic, Central & Pacific

Fox Deportes

*must subscribe to the channel before it’s online/mobile option can be accessed. Fox Soccer 2Go is not included. Fox requires that to be an additional paid subscription which can be purchased online directly through them.



Sports Free Previews

Enjoy these upcoming free previews.

July 17th - 23rd, MLB Extra Innings, Channels 771-784

July 31st - Aug 2nd, MLS Direct Kick, Channels 766-770

Sports packages can be ordered with your remote on iSubscribe, Channel 997.

*blackouts apply

Dept of Defense (Pentagon Channel) Discontinued

Effective April 17, 2015, the DoD Channel (aka The Pentagon Channel) which was on Channel 202, has ceased it's television operations and will strictly focus their videos, news, and other information on their website defense.gov

Smart Home Software Upgrade 4/14/15

On April 14, 2015, your Blue Ridge Smart Home software will be updated. The installation will be attempted around 10 pm and will last for approx 2 hours
Settings Icon
The update will include an updated Touchscreen Setting icon and the option to enable/disable motion detection on select cameras (Motion detection cameras COMING SOON).

The update will NOT affect the ability of your system to send alarms to the Central Monitoring Station, but remote access and control from your web portal and mobile app will not be available during the... more

Upcoming Free Previews

If you like free things, then you won't want to miss these upcomimg Free Previews. (Digital cable required)

World Fishing Network, channel 699, April 1st - 30th (HD service required)

Starz/Encore, channels 500-519, 575-582, & 611 (HD), plus Starz/Encore On Demand, Channel 1, April 3rd - 6th. (set any necessary parental controls)

MLB Extra Innings, channels 771-784, April 6th - 12th


HD Auto Tune

Watching HD just got easier!

Introducing HD Auto Tune. HD Auto Tune automatically tunes a standard definition channel to the HD version of the channel. HD Auto Tune will be activated starting on or about Dec 9th.

If you'd like to deactivate HD Auto Tune,

  1. Press Settings on your remote then A for More Settings
  2. Under General Settings go to My Preferences
  3. Scroll down to Auto Tune HD and select OFF

Starz & Encore Free Preview

Enjoy a free preview of Starz/Encore Nov 26th - 30th.
Tune to Channels 500-519 and HD channels 576-582 & 611 and watch blockbuster movies and so much more this Thanksgiving weekend. You can also experience Star/Encore On Demand, available on Channel 1.
For more information on what... more

The Concert for Valor on HBO

On November 11th, HBO will host a Concert for Valor, beginning at 7pm, to honor the courage and sacrifice of America's veterans and their families. HBO, channel 300 and HBO HD, channel 610 will be available for digital cable customers to enjoy the concert.
HD required to see the concert in HD.

Starz Play and Encore Play Launch


We are excited to now offer STARZ Play and ENCORE Play. 
With your subscription to STARZ/ENCORE, you get access to hundreds of movies, specials, sports and more to watch whenever, wherever you want on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
Go to... more

Biography Rebranding


On July 8, 2014, Biography Channel, Channel 137 or 138, and BIO HD, Channel 685, is rebranding themselves, FYI.
To find out more about FYI, click here.

MLB Strike Zone Launches

We are excited to expand our HD channel offerings by launching MLB Strike Zone HD on HD+, Channel 711. 

MLB Strike Zone will offer live look-ins, up-to-the-minute highlights, and updates from every regular season MLB game on Tuesday and Fridays nights, all commercial-free.
Don't have HD+, find out what other HD channels are available

The Big Ten Network

We have been unable to come to an agreement with the Big Ten Network. At this time, the Big Ten Network continues to require us to carry their channel as part of our Basic Plus Package at a cost of approximately $2,000,000 a year.  To summarize, the channel is too expensive.  Even though some customers may be able to afford it, there are lower income people and senior citizens that can't afford it.  Plus, there are customers that can afford it, but don't want the channel. If the BTN network would let us put it on our digital tier and let only those customers pay for the channel, we would gladly do it, but they are forcing it on all our customers.  $2 million dollars is not worth a couple... more