Whole-home WiFi

Say goodbye to dead spots

Ridiculously Reliable Home WiFi

HomeFi’s eero system is expandable – and
can include as many access points needed
to cover your home.

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Why HomeFi
powered by eero?

Your home is your sanctuary, and HomeFi by Blue Ridge can help improve
how you connect your home in a total WiFi blanket.

Covers Any Home

Customize or expand your WiFi by adding as many HomeFi eero units as you need. You can cover a home of any size or shape.

Entertainment Grade Wifi

With it’s incredibly low latency, fast speeds and whole home coverage, you can stream video wherever you want, however you want – on multiple devices at the same time.

Intelligent Software

HomeFi’s eero use proprietary TrueMesh™ software, which constantly finds the best route for your network traffic and switches paths to avoid interference.

World Class Security

Unlike traditional routers, eero provides automatic security updates and adheres to the strictest security standards.

Easy to use app

With the eero app, you can check your network status and connected devices, as well as run speed tests from the app dashboard.

Get HomeFi℠ Now

Take control of your WiFi.

eero APP

HomeFi powered by eero puts control in the palm of your hand, not hidden in a black box.


WiFi parental controls allow you to set schedules, create profiles for devices or just shut the whole thing down if you want to go completely off the grid.


See your network speeds, which devices are connected to your network and check their data usage, in real time.

Run a health check to quickly diagnose any issues and get helpful tips on how to make your network even better.

Grant access to friends and family, or share a separate guest network with out-of-town guests or your babysitter.

HomeFi FAQ's

  • How is HomFi different than a range extender?
    • Range extenders can expand the reach of your existing wireless network, but they often reduce throughput and create performance issues – impacting your connection speeds to your router. HomeFi uses multiple eeros as access points to provide your home with a self-sufficient WiFi system that offers fast, reliable coverage throughout your home.
  • Does HomeFi replace my current router?
    • Yes, HomeFi is designed to replace your current router with a WiFi system that provides greater Internet connection and reliability throughout your home. Most customers no longer need their older routers after installing HomeFi.
  • Does HomeFi replace my modem?
    • No, HomeFi doesn’t replace your modem, only your router. The first HomeFi eero plugs into your existing cable modem.
  • What speed is HomeFi capable of?
    • HomeFi’s eero max rated transmit speeds are about 240Mbps at 2.4 GHz and about 600Mbps at 5GHz. It is important to keep in mind that these speeds are maximum speeds and are not guaranteed. HomeFi’s eero uses the latest standards to pass through your subscribed level of service in every corner of every room and that it is a perfect combination of speed and coverage.
  • What devices are compatible with HomeFi?
    • Just like other routers, your HomeFi eero should work with all of your connected devices. eero was successfully tested with the following devices: Mac Laptop/Desktop, PC Laptop/Desktop, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, Amazon Echo, Roku, Sony Playstation 3 and 4, Linux Laptop/Desktop, Microsoft Xbox One and 360, Nintendo Wii and more.
  • Can I manage my HomeFi network remotely?
    • Yes, using the HomeFi app makes it easy to manage your network at any time. As long as you have your phone, you’ll be able to manage your network settings directly from the app. You will need a data connection on your mobile device to initially set up your HomeFi’s eero network. Once you are set up, you can manage your network over an Internet connection.
  • Which mobile devices can be used with the HomeFi app?
    • HomeFi currently supports both Android and iOS. Your device must also support BLE, so Bluetooth hardware versions earlier than 4.0 aren’t supported.

      • iOS requirement: a device running iOS 8.0 or later
      • Android requirement: a device running Android 4.3 or later (including tablets) In addition, you will need a data connection on your mobile device to set up your HomeFi’s eero network. Once you are set up, you can manage your network over an Internet connection.
  • How do I setup my HomeFi system?
    • Current Blue Ridge internet subscribers can pick up the HomeFi℠ system at any of our local retail centers (link) and follow the simple self-installation instructions.

      New Blue Ridge internet customers will need to schedule a Blue Ridge technician to come out to your home to install your HomeFi℠ system. An activation charge of $54.95 applies for professional installation.

      You will also need a mobile device with a data connection to download and set up the HomeFi℠ app to work with your system.